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Pecha Kucha

Here’s a Pecha Kucha presentation that I gave about my experience in South Africa:

6.7 minutes of me speaking

A couple things:

  1. After watching it, I realized that I should probably hold notes that I don’t say “um” every 2-5 seconds.  That being said, this Pecha Kucha was the most stressful presentation I’ve ever given.  In Pecha Kucha events, each speaker has 20 slides and they’re timed to automatically switch every 20 seconds.  It was amazingly disconcerting to give up control over my slides.
  2. I switched around and edited my presentation many, many times.  As a result, I very obviously screw up in the middle when I look at my slide and realize it’s not what I expected.  Wooo hooo live presentations!
  3. A moment of self-realization: I uptalk.  A lot.  (Obviously I’ve been living the city too long.) The uptalking and giggling makes me extremely annoying to listen to.  Sorry.  I’ll work on that.

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