Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa


We can all agree that the current global system for international aid isn’t working, right?  Tied aid, bureaucracy, unaccountability, etc – there are so many reasons why people in western countries are sceptical of development and charity work.

So what’s the solution?  Is it time for the First World to get out of Less Developed Countries (LDCs) and let them fend for themselves?  We haven’t done a very good job “helping” for the last couple hundred years.

But that would ignore the colonial history of today’s poor countries.  The ugly truth is that much wealth was (and still is) generated from exploitive labour practices and outsourcing environmental degradation.

Even though the current system isn’t working, that doesn’t mean we should give up altogether.

I believe it’s the responsibility of the First World to help LDCs rebuild their social and economic foundations so they are strong enough to support whatever sort of state each country wants to construct.

This blog will chronicle my opinions, travels, and stories in my search to improve international development.

Please note “post-colonial”, “Third World”, “Global South”, “developing countries”, and “LDCs” will all be used interchangeably.


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