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Swimming Pools

In Johannesburg, most white people’s homes have pools.  I lived in 3 places and all of them had a pool.  I didn’t use them much, though, since I often swam in the super nice Olympic-sized pool at Ellis Park Stadium in the mornings before work.

In Ghana, very few people have swimming pools.  There are two houses in Tamale with personal pools (that I know of) and at least three public pools.  I haven’t been in the any of the public ones, however, since I’ve heard that they’re gross.

Most expats are here for international development work so they don’t want opulent lifestyles.  They don’t want Ghanaians to say, “That’s what our tax money is going to?  To fill salaminga’s pools with our water?”

It doesn’t look good.

But they’re still fun to visit.

Last weekend I went to an Oktoberfest party at a guy’s place who had pool.  My group arrived around 10:30pm and I immediately ran to the pool.  It looked like there was one person swimming around so I went back inside and told a coworker, “You want to swim too, right?  Are you ready?  Because there’s one person in the pool and it’s awkward if I join, but less awkward if there’s two of us.”

Basically I’m just a little shy sometimes.

As we approached the pool, however, we realized the “person” was actually a giant black dog having a time.  Once we jumped in, the dog crawled up the ladder and ran off to play with other dogs in the grass instead.

My friend and I stayed in the pool the whole time we were at the party.  We only got out when our group left to go home 3 hours later.

It was wonderful!

If I was to redo this Junior Fellow placement all over again, I would have made a greater effort at the beginning to befriend the people with swimming pools.


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2 thoughts on “Swimming Pools

  1. Hi Bethany! Its 7:30 am here. I’m on the computer checking for a friend’s response to my email and just read your blog on “swimming pools”. Made me laugh! Such a good way to start the day. I’ve been busy and haven’t made time to read other recent blogs- I will though and likely comment. Stay well!

  2. Hi Lynne, I’m glad you found it funny! Hope you enjoy the rest as well.

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