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Other Days

What do we do for fun?

I like buying different types of cookies from the western stores to which are the best.  As you can probably guess, I eat a lot of gross cookies.  Unfortunately, by the time I stumble on a good brand there usually aren’t any left when I try to buy more.  The turn-over rate is high.

My colleague Lindsay and I love buying cloth and getting clothes made.  Her room looks like a cloth store – but she has great taste so it’s all gorgeous cloth.  It’s fun to go to a seamstress, get your measurements taken, explain what you want, and see what you get in the end.  Often the clothes don’t fit well (which fixable when they’re loose and frustrating when they’re too tight) or match your description.  This takes off some of the pressure.  I’m not a creative person and designing clothes will never be one of my skill-sets, so I explain the basics and let the seamstress create what she wants.  SPOILER ALERT: Everyone back home is getting African-print clothes for their Christmas gifts.

Thursday is a casual Poker Night at one of the western restaurants.  It’s a 5 cedi buy-in, but my colleague and I never stay to end because of our early mornings.  By 10pm, we’re exhausted.

On Friday and Saturday nights we go drinking and dancing.  I recently found out that the club “Guinea Pass” is actually called “Giddy Pass,” which makes more sense but doesn’t conjure up images of guinea fowl.  I’m disappointed.  We dance on the Giddy Pass rooftop until it closes around midnight, then head to Mike’s.  At Mike’s we usually sit around and drink outside because it’s too packed and sweaty inside to dance.  Personally, I made conversation for a couple hours then try to convince the people in my neighbourhood that it’s time to go home.  I only like drinking if I’m dancing, and even then the dancing part is still by far my favourite!

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, sometimes Lindsay and I make brunch.  Either eggs and hashbrowns or pancakes with fruit and maple syrup (Linds brought all the necessities from home).  Then, depending on our hangovers, we laze around the house and watch movies on her computer or go to town to run errands (like visit the seamstress).

On Sundays, people gather in the afternoon to play football (soccer) and ultimate frisbee.  Football starts at 4pm and it switches to ultimate at 5pm.  It’s a good way to run off our hangovers.


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One thought on “Other Days

  1. Big Fran on said:

    sounds fun! have you tried the ginger snaps? also do the coconut cookies in the brown box make it out west?

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