Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa

A Typical Day in Tamale


Wake up and go for a run.  Or, as they say here, go jogging.  “Run” is used as a verb for diarrhea, as in:

“How are you doing?”

“I’m running.” = I have diarrhea, please be nice to me.

As you can imagine, my host-family gave me a weird look the first time they asked me where I was going and I responded, “Just going running! Be back soon.”


Attempt to meet with the Tamale PRO.  He’s a slippery fish who doesn’t often make our meetings.


Call the Tamale PRO and set up a new meeting time.  Tell him that I understand that he had a last minute meeting in Accra/he’s sick/he’s busy, but that I would really, really appreciate it if he could let me know so I don’t go to the Assembly and wait for him.


Go to town.  Use the internet cafe.  Do some errands.

On these days, I’m usually home by noon.  Once at home, I clean my room or wash my clothes or read or lie on the floor under my ceiling fan.  Tamale days tend to be less productive than Savelugu days.


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