Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa

A Typical Day in Savelugu


Wake up.  Normally I’m the first one in my house that’s awake.  For breakfast I cut up an apple and eat it with crackers and groundnut paste (sort of like peanut butter).


Unlock my family’s gate and walk to the roadside to meet my colleague and get a ride to Savelugu.

0700 – 1700

Work at the Amplify Governance desk at the Savelegu Assembly.  We have aircon and I can use Lindsay’s computer.  Right now I’m working on a summary of all the surveys we’ve done so far as well as a “Lessons Learned” document.

For lunch, we have 3 options: watkkye (rice and beans), fried yams and plantains, and fried chicken.  As a vegetarian, I only have two options.  Sometimes I bring tomatoes and eat them with crackers instead.

Lindsay has to work long days because she drives her employees to and from the field.  Normally I stay at the office all day and get a ride back with her, although sometimes I have errands in town or need the internet and go back early.


Eat dinner with my host-family.  The mother and father watch TV in the main room while the “kids” (who are my age) watch TV in one of the bedrooms.  Now that two of the daughters and two of the sons are away at school, there are only two host-sisters left.  One often doesn’t get home until late so now it’s just me, Gifty, and her 2-year-old son.  We watch badly-dubbed Spanish soap operas while we eat TZ and soup.  If the two-year-old isn’t being too bratty, I stay to watch the news.  Otherwise I go to my room and read a novel or write in my journal.  By 8pm, I usually get ready for bed.


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