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Why I Can’t #FitchtheHomeless

Absolutely brilliant analysis of the recent “Fitch the homeless” campaign and its underlying prejudices.

So…what are we saying…as a culture…as a society…when we don’t see homeless people in the same light and with the same level of respect?


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2 thoughts on “Why I Can’t #FitchtheHomeless

  1. Lauren on said:

    I don’t agree. I think the driving force behind #fitchthehomeless is one of equality and acceptance. If only beautiful and socialy desirable people wear A&F clothing (!!) doesn’t that make the A&F sporting homeless person beautiful and socially desirable? buying status is, after all, the motivation for many patrons that shop at these kinds of stores…

    • I like your take on the issue: bringing up the downtrodden versus bringing down the corporate world. Even though I support the #FitchtheHomeless campaign, I still think it’s important to stop and consider our assumptions and prejudices.

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