Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa

Upping My Hits

One of the cool things about WordPress is that you can see the statistics of how many views you get each day from each country, as well as what other websites refer people to your blog (Facebook, Google, etc.), and the search engine terms that led people to specific posts.

I wish that my 5600+ views were all from people who were mildly interested in the topic of my blog, but every day I get at least one hit from someone searching something like “Does virginity soap work?” Hahaha that’s probably my most viewed post! I’ve even thought about updating with a note at the bottom: “THIS SOAP WILL NOT MAKE YOU A VIRIGIN.”

Now I’ve noticed another trend. “Mozambique police bribes” or “Mozambique police corruption” or “What to do if Maputo police want a bribe.”

I guess this is the important, every day stuff.


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