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2013 Goven Mbeki Awards

Congratulations to Madulammoho for earning two 2013 Goven Mbeki Awards!  Not only did MHA win the provincial award for the Best Social Housing Company in Gauteng, but our project Fleurhof Views also won the Best Social Housing Contractor award!

Not the most attractive face to have on an award.

Not the most attractive face to have on an award.

From the award application:

The Fleurhof Residential Development is a project built to address some of Johannesburg’s spatial segregation left over from the Apartheid era.  To this end, its location was strategically chosen to link the historically separated areas of Soweto and Florida.  This infill project, which includes social amenities and basic service expansion, will foster economic possibilities for residents from both sides: it follows the government’s Breaking New Ground (BNG) principles by providing social and economic opportunities to both tenure and market segments within the same urban environment.  Furthermore, the development includes 5 school sites, 8 preschool or crèche sites, 10 sites earmarked for community and religious facilities, a erf for recycling, 1 erf for municipal uses, 4 industrial erven and 14 erven zoned for business or commercial opportunities.  Of the 292 hectares being developed, 118 hectares are earmarked for public open space within the development.

Madulammoho’s portion of the development, Fleurhof Views, was built through a partnership between the City of Joburg and Calgro M3.  Our project offers safe, affordable housing to employed people that fall beneath market housing rates.  It provides 286 social housing rental units that have been fully occupied since the project’s completion in April 2012.

We strived to design Fleurhof Views to be as environmentally, socially, and economically viable as possible.  For safety, the project uses biometrics fingerprint access control.  To reduce our carbon footprint, we used wireless remote water meters and energy saving heat pump systems instead of conventional geysers.  This technology reduces the energy needed to heat water by over 50%, providing savings that we pass on to our tenants to further improve the project’s affordability.  We believe Fleurhof Views enhances the social cohesion of the area and makes a positive impact for both our tenants as well as the surrounding community.


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