Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa


Do you know the K’Naan song “Bang Bang”?

When it first came out, I loved that song!  I listened to it over and over and over again. 

Bang bang
She shot me
She shot me
Bang bang
She shot me
She shot me

My sister was around six-years-old at the time and thought it went like this: 

Bang bang
Shoe shopping
Shoe shopping

Already you could see my influence on my little sis!  Because I thought it was adorable, I sang the song that way as well.  One day, years later, we were dancing around my parent’s kitchen to that song when all of sudden she stopped and said, “Be… is he saying ‘she shot me’?”

“Um… yes,” I replied sheepishly.

“That doesn’t make any sense!” she exclaimed.

Hahahaha I still laugh at that story.

So how is that related to today’s post?  Only minimally.

I work in Hillbrow.  We hear gun shots every now and then.  That’s life.

There’s a bakery a block from my office that I pass on my way to and from the grocery store.  A group of men always hang around outside, chatting and catcalling.  As a result, I usually walk along the road instead of on the sidewalk.

A couple weeks ago, a man was shot and killed right outside the bakery.

Nice, right?

Yesterday, as I walked past the bakery, a truck on the street 3m away from me blew a tire.

I’d like to say that I stopped, dropped, and rolled – but I didn’t.  At least I bent my knees and covered my head!

Heart in my throat, I looked around to survey the chaos.  Where was the gunman?  Was anyone injured?

The truck stopped and I realized what had happened.  I resumed walking, attempting as much dignity as possible.

The men thought it was hilarious.

From now on, I think I’ll cross the street instead.


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