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 The Canadian police freak me out.

 “Please don’t taze me!  I’ll cooperate!”

 American cops scare me even more.

 “Thank goodness I’m not Latino.”

 “Or black.”

 But North America’s police forces are nothing compared to South Africa’s.

Politicians, the leadership of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and many members of the chattering classes claim to be surprised and shocked by video footage showing a man being dragged behind a police vehicle. The man (a Mozambican taxi driver) was then allegedly beaten and left to die in a police cell. The only surprising thing about this incidence of police brutality is that the politicians, members of the chattering classes and the SAPS leadership are not congratulating the police on a job well done.

 The women say they were put in the back of a police vehicle, pepper-sprayed and left in the vehicle for the night after it was parked at the police station.

Citizens need to demand better from those issued power by the state.  These stories are inexcusable.


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One thought on “Enforcers

  1. Yikes…. I’m pretty afraid of the RCMP too…. but I suppose we have it pretty good. 😦

    Point driven home!

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