Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa


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South African Women in Engineering (SAWomEng) is a recognized non-profit organization based in South Africa.  Since 2006, the organization has been at the forefront of tackling issues regarding females in the engineering environment.

More info here:

The shortage of engineers is a global issue.  The number of women in engineering has been of particular concern as women are still grossly under-represented, with the percentage of women graduates in engineering still below 20% in many countries.  According to many commentators, grow in the areas of science, engineering and technology could be the catalyst for job creation, social upliftment and economic development.  In a global economy with rising unemployment and a desperate need of scarce skills, increasing the number of women in engineering within any company is a competitive advantage.  An increase in the number of female engineers not only assists with the critical skills gap but has further ramifications such as service delivery and adequate access to basic services, provide more collaborative approaches to solutions and women engineers provide value in creating products with are better suited to targeting the 52% of the population who hold 80% of household purchasing power (i.e. Women).

Taken from SAWomEng’s information sheet.


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