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An exploration of international development work in Africa

FNB versus ANC

Recently, First National Bank (FNB, a major bank in South Africa) ran an ad campaign in which school children voiced their concerns for their country’s future. 

Since I don’t have television and was without a car (or radio) for a couple weeks, I completely missed the ads.

Now, however, I’m aware of the controversy FNB and the ANC’s reactions have created. 

A smart analysis of the situation can be read here: 

A hilarious, yet pertinent, take on events can be read here:

Imagine if Scotia Bank or Canada Trust ran ads about Harper!

I’d love to see what my younger sister would have said.  Or the rest of the children from my hometown hippy island.

Or even those West Van rich kids who support the Conservatives.

Can someone back home please get on this?

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