Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa


South Africa has great Indian food.  Generally the Indian restaurants here are much better than the ones I’ve tried in Vancouver.

Except for the samosas.  Or, as they’re spelled here, “samoosas.”

In Van, we have big samoosas filled potatoes and veggies and spices.  One samoosa can easily be a full meal.

Here, however, samoosas are tiny.  And doughy.  There’s way too much dough compared to the skimpy centre.

Furthermore, cheese samoosas are popular.  Many places have mince samoosas, chicken samoosas, and cheese.  No “vegetarian” with veggies.  Just cheese.

Last week I finally decided I had to try a cheese samoosa.  The three kinds I’ve seen are listed as plain “cheese” or “cheese and corn” or “cheese and onion.”  The food stand I happened to be at had “cheese and onion.”

Guess what was inside: it was like eating a deep fried doughy cheese triangle with some chopped onions.  I can see why some people would find them good.  Even though I love cheese, however, I thought it was disgusting.

Thank goodness it was tiny.

My friend couldn’t stop laughing at my expression.  Even 5 minutes after I’d finished the thing, he said there were traces of revulsion on my face.

You live and learn.

I can’t wait to try “cheese and corn.”


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