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The bombing of Mali highlights all the lessons of western intervention

“For obvious reasons, the rhetoric that the west is not at war with the Islamic world grows increasingly hollow with each new expansion of this militarism.” – GG

In the article linked below, Glenn Greenwald argues that the French bombing of Mali once again illustrates the current realities of western intervention in the Muslim world.

1. “Over and over, western intervention ends up – whether by ineptitude or design – sowing the seeds of further intervention.”

2. “The west is once again at war with the very forces that it trained, funded and armed.”

3. “Western bombing of Muslims in yet another country will obviously provoke even more anti-western sentiment, the fuel of terrorism.”

4. “For all the self-flattering rhetoric that western democracies love to apply to themselves, it is extraordinary how these wars are waged without any pretense of democratic process.”

5. “The propaganda used to justify all of this is depressingly common yet wildly effective. Any western government that wants to bomb Muslims simply slaps the label of “terrorists” on them, and any real debate or critical assessment instantly ends before it can even begin.”

Full article here:


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