Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa

Dead Bug in the Middle of the Rug

Since moving here two months ago, I’ve been ill twice – which is weird because I don’t normally get sick back home.

Know what’s weirder?  Both times I didn’t initially recognize my symptoms as being sick – even though I’m usually quite in tune with my body.

Instead, my body just felt… strange.

The first time, my glands felt tender in my throat and neck.  Also I was extremely tired.  My colleagues had been complaining about similar feelings, but it didn’t feel like any sickness I’d had before so I didn’t think I’d caught something.

The second time, my stomach was off and, again, I was tired.  Like before, I didn’t recognize the feelings.  I’d never felt that sort of nausea before.  I even tried going to jujitsu and thought I was going to throw up on my partner.

Luckily I didn’t.  Probably because I skipped the grappling portion of the class: there was no way my stomach could take that much pressure without unloading itself.

Whoever says the geography doesn’t matter anymore because of transportation and communication technology advances needs to travel more!

Viruses or bacteria or whatever these bugs were were totally foreign to my body.

Thank goodness there’s no risk of malaria in Jozi!


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