Rebuilding Foundations

An exploration of international development work in Africa


Last weekend one of the other interns and I visited Durban, ZA’s third largest city.

Durban apparently has the highest Indian population per capita outside of India!  I was shocked when someone told me that.  “Have you seen South Vancouver?” I asked.  No he hadn’t, but he assured me his information was correct.

Based on this, we decided to have as “authentic” an experience as possible.

Our first stop was the Spice Emporium.  Most of the spices I’d never heard of before!

I bought a package of mixed deserts.  We tried to eat them.  Honestly we did.  But I think traditional Indian deserts are the same as traditional Chinese deserts: an acquired taste.  My friend described the brown doughy one as “a timbit that’s been rained on.”  Gross.

The best one was actually the nuclear green square.  It was coconut and sugar.  Too sweet, but it cleansed our mouths of the other tastes.

For lunch one day we each bought a bowl of “bunny chow” – an Indian curry served in a bread bowl.  Very yummy!

While eating, the Zulu waiters sang us a song.  The area surrounding Durban was historically Zulu land so today the city is mostly Zulu and Indian.

We even went dancing in a nightclub a couple blocks from our hostel.  At first it played mostly American Top 40, but around 2am the DJ changed to Indian pop.  By then we were finished seeking out Indian culture so we left.  It’s not that I have anything against Indian pop, but I only enjoy clubbing if I can fist-pump and sing along to the songs!

This is what we went for anyways:

Even though I don’t think I’ll ever get used to busy city beaches, Durban’s South Beach was paradise after a month away from the ocean.


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